Best Air Coolers in India


Are you looking for best air coolers in India? Or if anyone is in the market for some cool air, then search no more. We have made a comprehensive guide for top air coolers in India.

A lot of research has been put into making this guide possible. So rest assured, we will help you make the best decision always.

Now the temperature in India can vary drastically from place to place but we all face summer and we all feel the hot air piercing our skin and want that chilly breeze calming it. So the two alternatives are either getting an Air Conditioner or getting an Air Cooler. We shall talk about the Best Air Conditioners in India some other time.

It is usually a misconception that Air Coolers must be placed in a closed environment for coolness. Well we hate to break it to you but that is just a hoax. Air Coolers carry out their functioning on the basis of evaporation and hence the ventilation is a very essential part for smooth, cool and calm air that we so desperately want in our lives.

Now let’s dive into the article and help you. Our top pick will be given at the Conclusion Section in case you wanna know the best and skip to the part where we give our verdict then you may do so. For others, stay with us while we share our opinions and reviews.

How does the Air Cooler Work?

Well in a nutshell the air cooler takes in the hot air and gives out cool air. Hence the placement of the air cooler is a crucial part for optimal performance. Also the size of the room is an essential part and must be kept in mind before choosing the right Air Cooler for you!

There are two types of Air Coolers available in India. Both of them work in the exact same way but some features set them apart. The two types of Air Coolers available are :-

  • Desert Coolers : This is usually fitted outside the window. As the name suggests it is used in areas with extreme heat conditions. It is a big unit and requires a lot of power.
  • Room Coolers : This is usually fitted inside the room. It can be used by almost any household and requires less power compared to the former.


1. Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote

This is one of the popular options and user choices when going for air coolers. It is equipped with a remote for ease of use. The capacity is 31 litres which is great for it give round the clock cooling. The air is filtered through 5 stages of dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash.

It is one of the energy efficient options too as it consumes only 185W of energy while cooling 50m cubed rooms with ease and efficiency. It has an air thrower of 37ft.

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2. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler

This is an ideal device for day-to-day use for every household. It has a water capacity of 12 litre which is sufficient for daily use. It is an energy efficient unit with just 170W of energy consumption.

It’s cooling is sufficient for a 28m cubed. It is equipped for air throwing for distances upto 30ft. It is also equipped with high efficiency honey comb pads.

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3. Cello Artic 50 Litre Window Air Cooler

Cello Artic 50 Litre Window Air Cooler

If wheels are not your cup of tea and you plan on not moving your Air Cooler around then this is the best bet with a high capacity of 50 Litres which will fix on your window and you can forget about it.

It is ideal for a big flat where it covers 800 sq. ft. This is also a good option as it is one of the best air throwers with a range of 50ft. It is also not a power hogging machine as it only consumes 185W while cooling the room effeciently.

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4. Orient Electric Knight 70 Litre Desert Air Cooler

Orient Electric Knight 70 Litre Desert Air Cooler

The name Orient is trusted by many and this machine does not disappoint. If you stay in one of the extreme conditions and looking for a Desert Air Cooler in India then search no more. This machine with it’s future packed technology is well equipped to give you that peace of mind you are looking for.

This has a air throwing of 60ft while consuming 190W of energy. This has a host of features like Aerofan Technology, Honeycomb pads design, Advanced Water Distribution System and a lot more.

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5. Bajaj DC2015 43 Litre Air Cooler

Bajaj DC2015 43 Litre Air Cooler

If you do not want to shed out your wallet and want a budget option with a reliable brand name then you can not skip this. Bajaj is a reputable brand in the Electronics market.

This Air Cooler has a capacity of 43 Litre but can effeciently cool a room of 600 sq. ft. This has a energy consumption of 200W but also does work on an inverter unlike some others in the market. It is also equipped for 50ft air throwing.

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6. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litre Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Litre Air Cooler

If you are going to place the Air Cooler in a small room of around 100-150 sq. ft. then this is a more economical option. It can effeciently cool the room within minutes.

With an operating power of just 100W you can also save your monthly bill. This is equipped with a air thrower of 30ft .

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Now we shall suggest you a top pick from our side which will be bang for every buck of yours. And the best option for an all round the clock cooling with effecient cooling is the Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote.

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