Fortnite Poster Locations: Omega and Carbide Posters


Fortnite Poster Locations: Omega and Carbide Posters

The way to finishing Fortnite poster area challenge is to know where the Carbide and Omega posters are,
making fast work for one of the harder Week 6 challenges. In spite of not being one of the “Hard” difficulties,

Finding the Carbide and Omega Fortnite posters is a troublesome target, requiring an extensive time speculation from players.
To help speed things up and get you appropriate to the reward, here’s a guide on where to discover the Carbide and Omega Posters.

Head to the locations shown on the map above, find which wall the poster is stuck to and interact with it.
Spray it and be the one contributed to the overall. That’s it Mission Complete!

This challenge only grants 5 battle stars which is not that much.

It’s not that big of a challenge specially when you consider the reward, which is hardly anything.

Fortnite Season 4 battle pass is required to interact with this posters. So you’ll need to get a battle pass to complete this mission.

Source: gamerevolution

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