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GoT – Daenerys could be betrayed by a close one


Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) has been after the Iron Throne for quite some time now as she believes that it is her birthright.

However, her efforts haven’t been as effective as she would have hoped.

Season seven saw her attempts at seizing the Iron Throne squandered by bad luck or sometimes poor decision making.

Yet, could her losses to the Lannisters actually be the result of a mole within her inner circle who’s giving information to Daenerys’ enemies?

There’s a new theory which suggests that this could be Daenerys’ big problem and the reason why she will eventually lose out to the Lannisters.

This theory comes from YouTuber The GOT Guy, who spotted something in season seven that no one else saw.

According to the Game of Thrones superfan, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) is the mole, and he backs up his wild claim rather convincingly.

He came to this realisation after having watched the scene where she welcomes Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) to Drgaonstone.

In this scene, Davos asks Missandei where she’s from since he can’t place the accent.

This was the first flag. The YouTuber asks how Davos is unable to place her accent because he’s literally sailed everywhere.

But then comes the really strange bit of their impromptu conversation.

She reveals that she’s from the Island of Naath, to which Davos says that he’s heard it’s beautiful there, yet he hasn’t visited the island himself.

Davos says that the island is apparently full of palm trees and butterflies.

Missandei doesn’t elaborate and just walks away, which implies that she could be lying about her true origins.

The YouTuber theorises that she doesn’t say yes or no because she’s never been there herself and has no idea whether Davos’ claims are true or not.


However, the real clue to Missandei treachery lies in a deleted scene where Daenerys warns Missandei never to betray her.

This scene could be foreshadowing what’s to come, which could very well be Missandei’s betraying Daenerys.

It’s a well-known fact that the writers like a bit of foreshadowing in Game of Thrones, and this would be more evidence of that fact.

But why would Missandei betray Daenerys? YouTuber, The GOT Guy, theorises that it could be due to Missandei’s heritage.

It could turn out that Missandei’s ancestors were from Valyria, which was destroyed after the Targaryans moved to Westeros.

Perhaps Missandei could be a descendent from one of the other houses of Valyria who’s seeking revenge for her house’s demise.

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