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Manipur man detects WhatsApp trojan horse, enters FB ‘Hall of Fame’


Zonel Sougaijam, a 22-year-old civil engineer, said that the social media giant awarded $5000 to him and also included him in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame 2019’, for detecting the WhatsApp bug.

Facebook has honoured a Manipuri man for discovering a WhatsApp trojan horse that violated the privacy of a user.

Zonel Sougaijam, a 22-year-worn civil engineer, talked about that the social media enormous awarded $5000 to him and also incorporated him in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame 2019’, for detecting the WhatsApp trojan horse.

Mr. Sougaijam’s title is for the time being on the sixteenth plight in a list of ninety four of us, in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame’ for this year.

“All the map by map of a direct name by map of WhatsApp, the trojan horse used to enable the caller to red meat up it to a video name with out the authorisation and recordsdata of the receiver. The caller used to be then in a plight to seem what the assorted person used to be doing, violating the privacy of the receiver,” Mr. Sougaijam told PTI.

After discovering the trojan horse, Mr. Sougaijam talked about, he had reported the matter to the Malicious program Bounty Program of the Facebook, which deals with violation of privacy issues, in March.

He talked about his file used to be acknowledged by the Facebook Safety team the very subsequent day and its technical department mounted the trojan horse internal 15-20 days.

“After reviewing this wretchedness, we now indulge in determined to award you a bounty of $5000,” Facebook talked about in an electronic mail despatched to Mr. Sougaijam.

The man talked about he stumbled on his title in the Facebook ‘ Hall of Fame’ page this month.

Facebook, owned by Save Zuckerberg, purchased the messaging provider WhatsApp for a staggerring $19 billion in February 2014.

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