Ramzan moon sighted, first roza on Saturday


LUCKNOW: Moon announcing the onset of Ramzan–the holy month of fasting–waz sighted in Lucknow on Friday evening. Both the Shia and Sunni moon committees, confirming the same, said that the first roza of the month will be on April 25, this year.

Senior shia cleric and vice president of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, had on Thursday announced the same, claiming that the first of Ramzan will be on April 25. He had based his claims on astronomical calculations, though final announcement was to be subject to moon sighting.
With the month of Ramzan, commences the month long period of fasting from dawn to dusk and worship for Muslims across the world. People from several other communities also fast.
After making arrangements for moon sighting at the Aishbagh Eidgah on Friday evening amidst precautions from coronavirus infection Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali, head of the Sunni Markazi Chand Committee, confirmed, “Moon for the holy month of Ramzan was sighted on Friday which means the first roza will be observed from April 25.”

Head of Shia Markazai Chand Committee Maulana Saif Abbas also confirmed the same.
With the coronavirus lockdown in place Eric’s have over the past few weeks made repetitive announcements and appeals asking people to not gather outside of their homes, pray indoors and not hold congregational prayers including the ‘taraweeh’ offered by Sunni Muslims.

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